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I'm maesam ahamd fadda.people call me meso..i'm 15 bt in aug i will 16.i love to sing..i play guitar..i wrote dream is up to stage for once nd sing..sing is like my life..i hate school we all do bt coz of my friends i love it.i wrote a book.i'm abt to puplshit .i'm in band called charmz team soo like i wrote a book abt this band bt it has some imaging yaah..i like to swim a fact i'm good fav sport is it..i dnt care wt people say abt me at all.i always be myself i never change myself for anyone..i like listen to music a lot..i listen to justin beiber.selena ..the people who in my age..teens i XD.i also listen to rihana.ummm i listen to a lot of people..bands like boys like gurls,,nd backstreet boys..nd let's dnt 4get westlife..:)..that's very much me i think..nd yaah i forgot to say i'm from plaestine bt i live in jordan..nd for me all the people the same there is no diffrent..nd i love peace, alot..nd for me everyone have to live free..XD.hope u like me lool XD nd like u see i love to wrote in short loolz XP

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